Street Department

The City of Kasson Street Department provides many services to the community. Our staff is responsible for snow removal, tree trimming and removal, mowing, repairing and maintaining city streets and posting of signs.

Any questions or concerns please e-mail:

May Storm Updates:

On 9/21/24 a severe thunderstorm hit Kasson at approximately 5:20pm. Almost immediately following the initial gust front Kasson Public Utilities and Kasson Public Works  staff started receiving outage and damage notifications. Staff from Public Works and KPU were assembled and on scene quickly to try to start unraveling the mess. Public Works crew took loaders, a bucket truck and dump trucks and removed downed trees blocking roads. KPU Water/Wastewater staff  hauled backup generators to the wells and lift stations that were out to maintain service. KPU Electric staff members started using new automated meter outage information and recently updated digital system maps to identify 3 main outage areas and proceeded to work those from largest (most people out) to smallest (single outages). All damage was caused by trees coming down. Everyone available from the Public Works director on down responded and got to work as quickly and safely as possible. Kasson Public Works and KPU staff especially appreciates citizens patience and understanding during challenging situations like these. Thank you to all who used the normal channels to report damages (CRC non 911 emergency and outage number 833-342-1158).