Electric Department


Welcome to the City of Kasson Electric Department.

The department currently consists of 1 Supervisor, 1 Lead Journey Line Worker, and 1 Journey Line Worker that provide electricity to over 2600 customers.
Our line workers operate, maintain and repair underground cables and equipment. They also construct and maintain overhead poles, conductors, transformers, and services. 

The City of Kasson Electric Department also provides Emergency After Hours Service!
If you have an electric outage, please call:  833-342-1158.

Any questions or concerns please call 507-634-7071 or send us an email at: electricdept@cityofkasson.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For billing inquiries or questions on new or existing services please call Utility Billing at 507-634-7071.
City of Kasson Public Works business hours are:
Monday - Friday, 7:00 - 3:30.

Kasson Electric Dept. personnel will be changing out electric meters as part of establishing a more robust, informative and accurate modern electric grid. Personnel will attempt contact prior to changing the meter out IF a small, 5 minute or less outage is necessary to swap the City of Kasson’s old electric meter with a new one. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance. 


Public power customers can look to their trusted local electric utility for advice on how to interconnect and distribute electricity from small power production or co-generation facilities that use solar, wind, or other fuels. Choose your city and follow the link to learn more about the process and requirements that make safe, reliable connections possible when sending excess generation into the grid from these qualifying facilities (QFs).


Will receive a 10% discount on your electric usage for the months of June through September.  

To calculate savings, multiply your electric kilowatts by .012. Then, multiply the result by 10% and subtract from the sum of the total.   Add the base rate of $14.28 and this will be your total electric usage charges.

Homeowners without a load controller can call us at 507-634-7071 or email cityhall@cityofkasson.com to sign up for savings!

Jarrod Nelson, Supervisor, 2013-present

Eric Henderson, 2019 -  present

Kyle Wheeler, 2019 - present

Emergency After Hours Number