Construction Updates

Trunk Highway 57 Reconstruction  (<--Click for updates)
Project: Complete reconstruction of sanitary sewer, watermain, storm sewer, lighting and roadway from 2nd Street SW to 11th Street NE.  Removal of the traffic signal at Main St.  Construction of roundabouts at Main St. and County Road 34.

Schedule: May 2022 to July 2023

Impacts: Full closure of Trunk Highway 57 with a detour posted to County Road 21 (8th Ave NW).  Signage will be provided to the K-M Schools, downtown and local business.  A temporary pedestrian access route will be provided along 1st Ave NW.  The project will be constructed in three phases to minimize disruption.  The roadway will be temporarily opened back up to traffic after the 2022 construction season.

Construction is starting and lasting into next summer.

Below is the current construction phasing:

Summer 2022: TH 57 from 1st Street N to 7th Street N (Main Street and CSAH 34 will be open)
Fall 2022 (after the County fair): TH 57 from 7th Street N to 11th Street N (Main Street and CSAH 34 will be open)
Spring 2023: TH 57 from CSAH 34 to 1st Street N. (Main Street and CSAH 34 will be closed)

Additional information is available on the MnDOT project site.

If you would like project updates please sign up for project e-mail updates on the MnDOT website.

Jason Brandvold (Contact for questions about access to homes and businesses during construction)
Heselton Construction

Mike Dougherty
MnDOT Director of Public Engagement, Communications

Justin Slattery
MnDOT Construction Project Manager

Project Manager - Brandon Theobald

Lions Park and Library Parking Lot Improvements

Project:  Expansion of the Library parking lot.  Paving the existing Lion’s park parking lot including handicapped parking stalls.  Additional concrete sidewalk to serve the pavilion, basketball court, pickle ball courts and playground area.   

Time Line:  2022 Construction season.

Impact:  No extended closures or detours.  Library to remain open.  Lion’s Park to remain open.  Lion’s Park parking lot may be closed for a few days during paving operations.

Fairgrounds Water Tower Replacement

Project: Replacement of the fairgrounds water tower.

Schedule: 2022 Construction season.  Final tower painting in spring 2023.

Impact: No extended closures or detours.  5th Ave NE will be closed for a few days during daylight hours for the watermain tie in and paving operations.

Safe Routes to School Project

Project: Construction of trails, pedestrian ramps and pedestrian actuated crossing signals around the K-M School Campus. 

Schedule: 2022 Construction season.

Impact: No extended closures or detours.  Roadways along the project area may be closed for a few days during daylight hours for paving operations.  

16th Street Roundabout

Project: Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of 16th Street and Trunk Highway 57.

Schedule: Spring 2023

Impact: Closure of Trunk Highway 57 in conjunction with the Trunk Highway 57 reconstruction project.  Additional local closure of the 16th Street intersection.