Kasson Public Utilities

Kasson Public Utilities provides water, sewer and electric service to residents within city limits. 

Please call 507-634-6325 to setup new utility accounts or discontinue service for water/electric.
Email utilitybilling@cityofkasson.com for questions or concerns.

**South Fork additions and Windsor Court currently have People's Cooperative Service for their electric service. Please call 507-367-7000 to switch or setup new service. 

Minnesota Energy Resources is the natural gas provider for the City of Kasson.   Please call 800-889-9508 to switch or setup new service.

*The City of Kasson does not credit sewer charges for pools, watering gardens or sod, sprinklers or any other outside water use.  
A secondary water meter would be an option to avoid paying sewer costs.  A small base rate would apply and you would simply pay for water usage only.  

2022 Due Dates:
January 17
February 15
March 15
April 15
May 16
June 15
July 15
August 15
September 15
October 17
November 15
December 15

For Emergency or nights/weekends service, please contact:

For all after hours ………833-342-1158